Condolence & Memory Journal

May the life you live speak for you. You have been like a mother and best friend. Your love has been blessing, alot of people didn't understand but God sees and knows all. Thank you for your prayers, love and friendship. We have wonderful memories of the times we spent with you and pop on our many vacations. We will miss you mom more than words can say.
Ray and Sarah
Melbourne, Fl
Son and Daughter-In-Law

Posted by Ray Barbour - Melbourne, FL - Son   September 04, 2020

Grandma I remember the day I met you. I thought as a teenager that you had to be a little touched to marry a man with 16 children and a whole lot of Grand children. I soon came to realize you were a blessing to our Family. GrandDad's youth was restored when he married you. He enjoyed the simple things in life again. Family Dinners, going on vacation, riding rides at the amusement park with the Grands. You loved to just sit and talk about life and freely offer advice. I will miss you dearly until we meet again. Love you

Posted by Charlene Powell - Manassas, VA - Grandchild   September 04, 2020

Grandma you will be truly missed. I thank God for the long life that he gave you. Please Rest In Heaven and kiss my mom for me. Love you.

Posted by Gloria Pope-White - Woodbridge, VA - Grandchild   September 04, 2020

As I was taught God knows best for our lives. During your few months on this side of heaven we had numerous of talks about you reaching one hundred years and being a centenarian. I remember you saying that I don't think I will be able to make it. At that moment I realized that we could possibly lose you. Well, my reply was always Mom, God knows best, Lord willing we will see! You came into my life six years after by biological mother passed, when I was fourteen (14) years old. At the beginning I acted like a typical teenager not listening to you, taking my sweet time responding and delayed doing anything you asked of me. It was not until my late sister Sandra gave me a chewing out that allowed me to see how bad I was treated you. I love you for being patient with me. You were a gift sent by the Lord to us.
I thank God for you doing what was on your heart to marry a man with sixteen children; even though your family called you crazy for doing so. You have indeed blessed my heart and changed me in many ways for the glory of God. Rest in the arms of our Lord!!!

Posted by Glen Barbour - Dale City, VA - Son   September 04, 2020

Mom its difficult for me to write these words because I am missing you so much! I know that you loved me dearly and I am glad that your last day on this side of heaven I had to opportunity to spend it with you; holding your hand, sharing with you all what you've been to me these last thirty-four years. You taught me so much, whether it was a new cake recipe, how to sew tapestry, or how to deal with the challenges in life. I am eternally graceful that you saw me as a daughter not as a daughter-in-law. You have given so much of yourself to me. I will continue to live out the many memories of you until we see each other again. Love your daughter-in-law Felicia.

Posted by Felicia Barbour - Dale City, VA - Family   September 02, 2020

I wish I knew the last time I saw you would be the last time I would ever see you in person. You have had a tremendous impact on my life and will continue to be that positive role model that any and everyone should strive to be. I'm so blessed and honored to have so many memories of you. Some of my most dearest childhood memories are the summers I spent with you. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. I know I haven't lost you because I know exactly where you are and we will meet again. I love you dearly.

Posted by Cimone Barbour - Atlanta, GA - Grandchild   September 01, 2020

It was an honor knowing you. I know we will meet again. Your presence always reflected His love.

Posted by Rubbie Speights - Dumfries, VA - Friend   August 31, 2020


Mother Barbour, One in Million!!!. One of the most beautiful lady I have ever met.
Love you forever in Jesus Name.
Sandra Chew

Posted by sandra chew - GAINESVILLE, VA - Family Friend   August 26, 2020

Rest in peace.

Posted by Beverly Harris - Family   August 25, 2020